Support for a Wide Range of Sensors & Data Types

Integrated solutions across applications

  • Spatial

    Spatial sensors provide valuable understanding and characterization of the shape, orientation, structure, and movement of discrete objects or entire surfaces. Sensors are often selected for their unique capabilities of capturing dynamic real-time behavior or long term trends in a very precise manner.

    Radar, LiDAR, GPS, Automated Total Stations, inSAR


  • Environmental

    Environmental sensors effectively measure the constituents of the air, water, and soil, and provide insights regarding their propogation and dynamic interaction with the ecological systems around us.

    Hydrocarbons, water quality, pH, conductivity, temperature, precipitation


  • Structural

    Structural sensors monitor strain, stress, load, bending, settlement, sway, heave, sag, torsion, compression, and tilt of key structural members and systems. Valuable metrics for engineers to determine response to internal and external forces.

    Strain gauge, tilt sensor, accelerometer, liquid level, displacement transducers


  • Geotechnical

    Geotechnical sensors provide valuable insights regarding the behavior of rocks, soil, water and their sometimes complicated and difficult to observe interaction with the structures we build atop, and tunnels built within.

    Inclinometer, load cell, TDR, piezometer, seismic, extensometer


  • Process

    Process sensors provide continuous and historical record of the operation, status and control of electrical, water, chemical, petrochemical, and mineral processing equipment and their distributed systems.

    Pressure, flow, level, turbidity, concentration, temperature


Delivering smart solutions to the world's largest and most challenging industries

  • Bridge health monitoring
    Dam performance monitoring
    Distributed levee monitoring
    Tall building performance
    Roadway/Landslide monitoring
    Railway monitoring


  • Groundwater Monitoring Systems
    Slope Stability Monitoring
    Blast Monitoring
    Environmental Management
    Convergence Monitoring
    Tailings Impoundment


  • Salt dome
    Gas monitoring at well head
    In-situ Hydrocarbon monitoring
    Air quality monitoring
    Pipeline deflection
    Pipeline leak detection
    Surface subsidence monitoring

    Oil & Gas

  • Noise Monitoring
    Vibration Monitoring
    Structural deformation
    Shoring wall monitoring
    Excavation support monitoring
    Core wall vertical alignment



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