Hebron Project

Structure Relocation

Nova Scotia, Canada

Orchestrating the loading and unloading of the topside Utilities/Process Module (UPM) for transport between the fabrication facility in South Korea, and the integration site in Nova Scotia required a high level of coordination and oversight. Intertek’s role was to precisely track position and stability of the Hebron UPM structure during these procedures. In their evaluation of the process they determined that an automated solution was the best approach and teamed with sensemetrics to architect a spatial monitoring platform that provided near real-time geospatial analysis and data presentation to on-site teams via heads up display, and portable tablets.

The solution as implemented included six (6) Leica Geosystems Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS) and data input from load and displacement sensors to provide a comprehensive analysis of structure performance throughout the process. Additionally, the sensemetrics Enterprise platform facilitated simplified connection of the Leica TM50 instruments using sensemetrics wireless THREAD devices as a quick and easy to deploy solution that didn’t require expensive system engineering and integration of multiple 3rd party components to facilitate the automated connection and control of the sensors needed for execution on the project.

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