Pardee Dam

Dam Monitoring

California, USA

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) serves 1.4 million water customers in California’s Alameda and Contra Costa Counties along with 685,000 wastewater customers. The primary water supply for those 1.4 million customers is from Pardee dam on the Mokelume River in the Sierra foothills some 90 miles from EBMUD’s Oakland headquarters. In 2016, EBMUD completed the installation of a GPS based monitoring system on Pardee dam and the nearby Camanche dam and dikes. The installation is the largest dam monitoring system in the US, consisting of four (4) Leica GM10 reference stations and thirty-one (31) Leica GMX901plus sensors located on the dam and dike structures. All sensors were connected wirelessly using sensemetrics THREAD devices, and managed by sensemetrics Enterprise data management system.

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