The One

Real-Time Construction Monitoring

Toronto, Ontario

“The One” – a new, 85 story, 1,005 feet high, skyscraper will soon mark Toronto’s skyline as the tallest Highrise building in Canada.

With a $1 billion budget, developers of the project implemented proactive construction monitoring to help the project team manage construction operations safely and securely. As part of this implementation, developers selected sensemetrics’ edge connect devices and cloud-based data management platform to provide real-time data insights to owners, operators, and partners on the project.


Implementation Of Construction Monitoring

In May of 2018, Monir Precision Monitoring installed a sensemetrics THREAD X2C to automate Measurand’s ShapeArray (SAAV), an in-ground flexure sensing device for automated detection and measurement of ground movement. These measurements are critical to safe operations on the project during the foundation construction, as well as protection of neighboring buildings and infrastructure.

Where historically this information could be manually collected using inclinometers operated by field crews, the new automated solution provides a near real-time data stream to sensemetrics’ secure CLOUD platform which can be accessed by users for immediate Graphing, Mapping, Alerting, and Reporting of this critical information.  

The project is anticipated to be completed in 2020.

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