Easily configure, manage and monitor your industrial sensor system

  • Simply plug & play... Network any sensor, in seconds

    Rapidly connect sensors from a wide selection of manufacturers without the need for any scripting or configuration.

  • Active Network Management

    Comprehensive apps and applets display network metrics, providing real-time and historical statistics for distributed devices and sensors.

  • Draw insights from aggregated, standardized data

    Perform powerful analyses via the sensemetrics API and supported third-party visualization software.

Build for the future without throwing away progress

The sensemetrics platform is designed for compatibility with the sensors you already have deployed in the field, so you don’t need to write-off your legacy hardware investments.

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sensemetrics combines hardware and software into one integrated platform

Simply plug your sensor(s) into a THREAD.

THREAD devices will automatically create a mesh wireless network and securely connect to the cloud.

Login to our cloud app to remotely manage your sensors and configure integrations with third-party reporting and visualization tools.

For more information and specifications, click to explore each part of the integrated platform.

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